Winter woman should have protected 6 large position

Introduction: The cold current of wintry day often lets a person overcautious, with a rustle quiver, a lot of people warm oneself with respect to try every means. To the woman, these 6 place must want to strengthen an attention however.

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Wash a hair to be blown immediately dry

The doctor of traditional Chinese medicine says the head is the place that gas of human body this world gathers together, in relief gas of the whole body rises from the head hair.

After working one day, FatigueCan make the body resists the ability of ailment is reduced greatly. In the evening shampoo, if be being wiped inadequately again, damp can stop at scalp, long-term and such, can bring about silt of blood of stagnation of the circulation of vital energy, block of main and collateral channels is shut. If be in in the winter, cold wet occur simultaneously, it is the one big hidden trouble of the body more. Some people often in the late evening wet hair falls asleep, after period of time, can feel scalp is local have coma feeling, accompany have faintHave a headacheAfter shampoo of; some person the following day early morning can feelHave a headachePins and needles, easyCold. Year late month is long, can feel the top of head is apparent gradually coma, companion hasDazedHave a headache.

The shampoo before going out in the morning also cannot be taken, be in especially cold winter, because the hair was not wiped, the pore of the head is being opened, undergo chill very easily, light person also can suffer from on the cold has a headache. If often such, bring about the ache of size joint possibly still, even sarcousParalytic.

Additional, the person’s head is neural seat. About research the data makes clear, air temperature is when 15 ℃ left and right sides, the quantity of heat that human body makes an appointment with L/3 sends out from the head; air temperature is when 4 ℃ left and right sides, human body makes an appointment with L/2 quantity of heat to send out from the head; and air temperature is in 0 times when 10 ℃ left and right sides, can have quantity of heat of 3/4 human body unexpectedly from the head ” run ” . So, cold moment wears a hat not only can heat preservation, and still can prevent a cold, Cough, have a headache, facial nerve is paralytic wait for disease happening.

Expert clew: Wash in the morning hair should blow worked to go out again, also want to waited for a hair to work to sleep again in the evening. Go out best reelection beautiful cap is worn, such whole bodies the metropolis is warm.


The woman is cervical most be afraid of aspic

Fine Rou Qi’s long neck is one of central issues that the woman shows sex appeal, always can be in move gently look around the line of sight of or so people, however opposite at facial nurse, we give cervical care and caress little little. In winter, if be not worn,get the clothes high, a bit bit of cold wind is gotten into the neck, the whole body can shudder. Accordingly, cervical most be afraid of aspic.

After the weather is cold, people cannot forget to wear heat preservation underwear, often ignored cervical heat preservation however, however cervical heat preservation can prevent effectivelyCervical vertebra diseasehappen. Because the hair cause of disease of cervical vertebra disease is very much, but among them a main factor is weather after becoming cold, expose outer cervical sarcous blood the loop is slow, make for a long time local happening strut. Accordingly, cold winter should notice cervical heat preservation. When going out by day cervical scarf, still can use hot-water bottle to wait in cervical apply in the evening.

Additional, the undesirable pose that we live daily and works, overmuch oppressive and cervical. The pillow with love exorbitant pillow sleeps; immerses oneself in the job merely, use space rarely, carry head activity activity is cervical; is placing handset to talk on the phone with the neck congee; is prevented cervically carelessly bask in etc, the ageing that quickens cervical skin extremely easily and flabby, and similar once this kind of furrow arises, regain its flexibility very hard, eliminate completely what make.

Expert clew: Although you have a beautiful neck, it is in the winter outdoor, still hide. Fasten towel of a scarf, silk, not only can heat preservation, still can eliminate cerebral exhaustion, alleviate accentuate easily in winterHypertensive, the heart and vessels is ill, InsomniaDisease.

Hand ministry

Leather glove is inferior to glove of cloth with soft nap

Say the hand is the 2nd piece of face of the woman, it reveals feminine age and life state the most easily. Came in the winter, the female’s hand also becomes the target that cold weather atttacks, after washing his hands in the winter so, write down so that wipe certainlyProtect hand frost, and go out should remember wearing a glove.

Expert clew: Look from heat preservation and comfortable angle, soft downy glove is better than leather glove. Downy glove but the size of conveniently is adjustable bouncy, and leather glove, or is comfortable inconvenience uses a hand, or affects the blood of finger too closely to circulate. BrushProtect hand frostIt is winter protects the one link with very important hand, if you had been become ” housewife hand ” , might as well on besmearLatexLacteal frostlike powderThe glove is worn after, or with lasting both hands of velar wrap up is counted minute, absorb in order to strengthen alimentary.

The skin

Bathe not to exert all his strength rub

Because skin hour is contacted directly with outside ambient, if do not try to protect, have the appearance that lack water more or less, affect cutaneous exterior directly.

In winter, although people likes,wash a hot bath. But, beneficial to the skin water is warm it is Wen Shui, because hot water is met,cent washs the crude oil that gets on the skin thoroughly, and after cent of this kind of crude oil compares your bath, use protect skin to taste dissolve dry should get effectively much.

Winter bathes not to exceed 15 minutes commonly. If must wash a hot bath, use bath liquid as far as possible or gentleToilet soap. Bath hind ought to be below the case that the skin has not fight completely, in the body skin of the embellish on each place besmear is tasted. Such doing conduce to go to infiltration of embellish skin composition cutaneous superstratum. When the home, the skin is exposed at the place outside more outdoors should much, use humidifier is to solveThe skin is drygood method.

It is very important also to protect skin interior be nursed back to health in the winter, can eat the food of method of treating yin deficiency by reinforcing body fluid and nourishing the blood of embellish of a few pleasant, rise to raise action of shade blood, moist cutaneous, for example, olive fruit vegetables, nut. Still can stew to oneself some contain a lot ofCollagen albumenembellish skin soup, for instance pig hoof soup, bone soup.

Lumbar abdomen

“Waist support ” stays warms again abdomen

Lumbar abdomen is on the middle of the body, what the head receives on is in relief, leave the nether world that joins sufficient department, for the key position that human body yin and yang changes. And lumbar abdomen place is distributinging to make much mainer point, once Yin Han is entered inside, pass a superintend and director very easily what influence of two arteries and veins enrages blood to systemic internal organs of the body is normal move, breath of taste heart lungs, influence, loop, digestive function can be amounted to on, path of liver kidney, bowel, bladder can come below, cloggy metabolization, excrete those who reach multiply to move, because this traditional Chinese medical science takes the protection of lumbar abdomen seriously quite. Particularly notable is, chill still can cause lumbar fibrositis.


In severe winter season, high cold area, the descent of air cooling makes lumbar abdomen blood produces change circularly, cause vasomotor, be short of blood, cause lumbar abdomen the blood stream of the organization such as film of hypodermic, muscle is decelerated, cause capillaryHyperaemia, Yu blood, cause local fibrositis disease. Although be in,snow day, also belles wear a short cotton-padded jacket to go out, such dressing up, most of be put into trouble is lumbar abdomen. Want to know, the waist is the female’s very significant position, the uterus in reproductive system, pelvic cavity is here, lumbar abdomen catch cold catch cold, probable meeting poses the problem of a few department of gynaecology, serious still can affect bear.

Expert clew: Still choose as far as possible in the winter a few sweater of long money, cotton is taken or eider down is taken etc. If like short fund really, that also mights as well add ” waist support ” , resilient waist support can be bought on market now, wear inside already insurable warm, still can model form, the sitting position that can restrain you and take appearance, maintain the stance that receives an abdomen to carry buttock, avoid to sink on foot and grow little stomach.

(the exercitation edits: Liu Xiulin)

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